Actions speak louder than ‘written’ words

For those of you familiar with commercial contracts you have no doubt heard the phrases ‘boilerplate’ and ‘entire agreement’ clauses. Bolierplate clauses provide interpretation and general operation for the agreement. One such clause is an ‘entire agreement’ clause. In essence this provides that everything agreed between the parties is embodied in the written agreement and… Read more »

Clare’s Law, will it help domestic violence?

We have recently seen the introduction of Clare’s Law, a scheme which enables people to find out, from the police, whether or not their partner has any history of domestic violence. The full title of the scheme is “The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme” and it has been launched together with Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs),… Read more »

A kick start for builders and property owners

Recent changes to planning legislation have made it easier for individuals to develop their properties. In addition there has been an attempt by the government to kick start the building industry with several initiatives including government backed mortgages in the ‘Help to Buy Scheme’. What are the changes and how could they affect property owners?… Read more »

Divorcing? Don’t forget to plan for your retirement

Claiming against your spouses’ pensions within divorce proceedings has now been possible for around 14 years. Before then, it was impossible to divide pensions (historically the husbands) and many wives lost out as there was insufficient capital to compensate them by way of ‘off-setting’. Whilst compensation in lieu of pension, such as taking a larger share… Read more »

In a dispute? Think carefully about settlement terms

If you are in a dispute and there is the risk of going to court, you may have worked hard to avoid this and reach a settlement. This may have been as a result of working hard yourself to sort out the dispute over the phone, via correspondence or even in a face to face… Read more »

Mandatory mediation and the Children and Families Bill

The Children and Families Bill is set to become law in April 2014. Confirming the Government’s commitment to encourage separating couples to consider alternatives to the Court process, the bill states that those wanting to make an application to Court, must first attend a mediation meeting. This is not new. Since April 2011 anyone making… Read more »