Can I Still Sell My Home during Lockdown?

A fundamental piece of advice for home sellers is: don’t wait until after you find a buyer to instruct a solicitor. With the Coronavirus lockdown in place, this advice stands true now more than ever. Many of our clients have recently asked: can I still sell my home during lockdown? Sellers may assume that nothing… Read more »

What’s the Best Approach If Debtors Cannot Pay What They Owe You?

debtors filing

What is the best approach if your debtors cannot pay what they owe you? The short answer: honestly, ‘it depends’. Countless businesses are facing legitimate difficulties through no fault of their own. Yours may be one of them, not just because it has shut its doors or lost business due to social distancing, but because… Read more »

The Good Work Plan

Most employers will have more pressing matters to deal with at the moment – however it is important that organisations don’t let the implementation of the Government’s Good Work Plan on 6 April 2020 pass them by. The Good Work Plan was labelled as the biggest package of workplace reforms for over 20 years. Below… Read more »

Five Reasons to Make a Will

Last Will and Testament paper documents to make a Will

Making a Will can be one of those things that you easily put off, however, it’s a really important document to ensure that your estate is dealt with as you would wish and your loved ones are protected after you die. Below are five reasons why a Will should be made or reviewed: 1. Division… Read more »

Are Employers Vicariously Liable for the Wrongdoings of Employees?

Should WM Morrison Supermarkets plc be Vicariously Liable? The Supreme Court has ruled that WM Morrison Supermarkets plc, trading as Morrisons, were not vicariously liable for the malicious acts of one of its employees, Mr Andrew Skelton (‘S’), who uploaded Morrisons’ payroll data to the internet. This result will come as a relief to many… Read more »

Will COVID-19 Affect Spousal Maintenance?

The widespread impact of Covid-19 is affecting almost all parts of our lives. Businesses are closing their doors, employee’s hours and salaries have been reduced and redundancies are being made. Many people are now understandably concerned about their income position. With economic uncertainty looming over everyone, this is creating a further worry for those who… Read more »

COVID-19: What Commercial Landlords Need to Know

The unprecedented restrictions imposed to control the spread of COVID-19 have disrupted the businesses carried on by many commercial tenants who are now trying to reduce their overheads, including property outgoings. At SAS Daniels, we have been approached by commercial landlords who are concerned about their rental income. Here are some of the most frequently… Read more »

COVID-19: Holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Although there is no longer any statutory requirement for private companies limited by shares to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the same way as public companies, they may still be required to do so by their existing articles of association, or still maintain the practice of holding them once a year. If they… Read more »

Will Covid-19 Risk Non-Performance Under Contract?

There is no doubt that these are challenging and difficult times for all sectors of the economy in the UK and around the globe. So has the outbreak of Covid-19 put you or your business at risk of non-performance under contract? The government is introducing drastic measures in almost every area from public health and… Read more »