Unfair Dismissals likely to follow rioting?

Some have lost everything. The effects on employees of the business could yet cause more problems. Employment Partner at SAS Daniels LLP warns that some businesses may not be able to continue as a result of the riots and this could lead to mass redundancies. “There may be no alternative for some businesses,” the Partner… Read more »

Secondary Issues – Best Practice for Issuers

Following the Office of Fair Trading market study and the Rights Issue Fees Inquiry report into equity underwriting, the Institutional Investor Committee published the its “Best Practice Guidance for Issuers when Raising Equity Capital” guide (‘the Guide’). It is hoped that the Guide will assist boards in preparing for future equity issues ensuring best practice… Read more »

Divorce on the rocks

You may have read in the papers recently about the couple who have spent over £1.7 million pounds on their divorce battle? See The Guardian / The Observer article here. The judge criticised them and described them as having driven their marriage ‘full tilt on the rocks’. They spent almost all their assets on court litigation and were… Read more »

Religious tradition no defence against maintenance payments

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a Muslim doctor who ignored an order to pay his former wife maintenance could not rely on Muslim tradition to free him of his financial responsibilities. The doctor claimed that maintenance payments were not appropriate on the basis of Islamic culture. In Muslim societies there is often an… Read more »

Offender’s descendants no longer disqualified from inheriting

Prior to the 1st February 2012, if an individual had made the decision to give up their inheritance or was automatically disqualified from receiving the inheritance, this meant that the individual’s descendants were also unable to benefit from the legacy. The rule of forfeiture, which still applies, holds that an offender should not benefit from… Read more »