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SAS Daniels highlights the importance of leaving a lasting legacy

Two projects have recently given residents in Congleton the opportunity to make a difference to the community. The Chappell Centre and Age UK Cheshire East’s new Congleton Hub were set up following generous legacies left under the wills of people who previously lived in Congleton. Leaving a gift to a local charity either during your… Read more »

Proposed changes to Lasting Powers of Attorney

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has recently consulted on its proposals to remove the need for a physical (or ‘wet’) signature to be made on Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) forms. It proposed new legislation which would allow the donor and witnesses to sign electronically. The intention is that this will make it… Read more »

An inheritance tax free ISA?

Did you know that ISAs are free from income and capital gains tax? However, contrary to the beliefs of a large number of people, cash or shares held within ISAs do form part of an individual’s estate on death to calculate liability for inheritance tax. Investment in shares in companies listed on the Alternative Investment… Read more »

Could you receive or give an unexpected inheritance?

It never ceases to amaze me, as someone who helps those administering an estate, how often estates can end up with estranged relatives who may never even have met the person who has died. If only the deceased had either got round to making a will or had updated the will they had made many… Read more »

Cheshire residents given the opportunity to plan for the future

A leading expert in long term care planning is to give residents of Macclesfield and Chester the opportunity to hear essential information about the legal, general and financial issues surrounding long term care. The advice, being given at events in the two areas, will explain how the funding system works to enable people to plan… Read more »

The link between your digital assets and your will

So you’ve made your will and done some estate planning but did you consider and include your digital assets in the process? I write wills and admittedly the answer to my own question, was no. It wasn’t until I found my late friend’s profile on LinkedIn that it made me think! Since the mid 1990’s… Read more »

New intestacy rules when there is no valid will in place

The Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Bill was recently introduced into the House of Lords to look at reforming and simplifying the distribution of an estate through intestacy in England and Wales. In particular, the bill proposes that a surviving spouse will automatically inherit the estate of an intestate person, who dies without leaving children, without… Read more »

New wills and inheritance quality scheme

The call for will writing to be regulated was a result of the growing number of wills badly drafted by solicitors and non-solicitors alike; however, following the disappointing announcement by the government in May this year that will writing will not be regulated, The Law Society has created a new initiative in attempt to deal… Read more »

Finance Bill 2013 – effects on inheritance tax planning

In the April 2013 Finance Bill, the idea of inheritance tax being charged on the net estate (i.e. total assets less any debts, such as mortgages or loans) is being set aside in three particular situations. The thought behind the proposal is to reduce the amount of inheritance tax relief available to an estate in… Read more »