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When is a pre-nuptial agreement not a pre-nuptial agreement?

Despite the recent report of the Law Commission entitled ‘Matrimonial Property Needs and Agreements’ in which it was recommended that certain qualifying pre-nuptial agreements were to become legally binding, Mr Justice Holman has set aside a pre-nuptial agreement signed by Victoria Luckwell and Francesco Limata. The judge set aside the agreement even though he found… Read more »

Introducing the new child maintenance charges

The Child Support Agency (CSA) will soon be abolished and nearly a million existing cases will be closed. Parents will then have no alternative but to make an application to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) and there will be a £20 application fee to access the CMS with a charge of 4% made for collection charges…. Read more »

Proportionality – the name of the game in divorce

Sometimes it can be the small things in life which are important, but when it comes to arguing who should have what in a divorce, it is vital that couples do not become embroiled in arguments over minor issues. Contents can often be a bone of contention however, in court, it is very apparent that… Read more »

Grandparents – being a parent second time around

It is now more common than ever for grandparents to care for their grandchildren, due mainly to the escalating costs of child care. Caring for the grandchildren for a few hours each week is hard but rewarding work,but a number of grandparents are making the huge sacrifice of giving up their retirement to care for… Read more »