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Plan to protect your finances and more

I was recently talking to a financial adviser and we agreed that while people were generally happy to talk about investment and pension planning to secure their future finances, the protection side of financial planning was often overlooked. What do we mean by protection? Essentially this is a matter of planning to deal with financial… Read more »

Important Child Support Agency changes

Since December 2012 the Department for Work and Pensions, Child Maintenance Group, have been testing the new system and are confident that the new scheme works well. They are preparing to open the Child Maintenance Service to all new statutory applications in the next few weeks. From that point the CSA will no longer accept… Read more »

Buying a house and misrepresentation

Buyers of a residential property often ask their conveyancer ‘When buying a house can we rely upon what the seller tells us verbally?’ The answer is generally, no – you can only rely upon what is put in writing by the seller or his/her solicitor. This was recently highlighted in a case Lloyd v Browning… Read more »

Divorce is not a paper exercise

Divorce is not usually a decision taken lightly, there is likely to have been a great deal of soul searching. It is almost certain that emotionally, one or both of the parties will be somewhat drained. The first question to consider is whether a divorce is appropriate? If you reach a point where you feel… Read more »

Think before you write. It could come back to bite you

We are all human, and from time to time we need to get issues off our chest. However once you commit something to writing and send it, you risk it becoming disclosable as evidence in a court case. This could be particularly damaging if the content has been written in the heat of the moment… Read more »

Wiccan successfully claims for religious discrimination

A “Wiccan” has been successful in her claim of discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief, after she was mocked and later dismissed after swapping her shifts in order to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. Wicca is a belief system and way of life originating in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which pre-dates the arrival of… Read more »

Pension for life? Not necessarily if you remarry or cohabit

In the unfortunate event of your spouse’s death, you may assume that the widow or widower’s pension which you receive will continue indefinitely. This is not necessarily the case. Widows of armed forces personnel have discovered, to their cost, that if they re-marry or cohabit they may lose the pension completely. This applies where the… Read more »

To separate now or not? A taxing question

For couples contemplating separation or divorce the emotional pressure, sadness and worry is uppermost in their minds and rightly so. Few will think about the financial consequences of the date of separation; however this can make a difference to the amount of capital gains tax that you may be liable to pay. In circumstances wherein… Read more »

What to expect from 2014 – Proposed changes to employment law

As we begin a new year in 2014, employers should be aware of the forthcoming changes in employment law and the impact these changes will bring. Please find some useful information for the year ahead below: Date Change Effect 31 January 2014 Changes to TUPE come into force by The Department for Business Innovation and… Read more »