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Child abduction – how can it be prevented?

In figures released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in December 2013, the number of child abduction cases has doubled in the last 10 years, with on average two children being abducted abroad each day. The reasons are various but involve the increasing numbers of marriages involving people from different countries and cultures and the… Read more »

Think of the children in a separation

A recent study taken place during November 2013 in conjunction with The Marriage Foundation has found that although the majority of parents are aware that separation and divorce can negatively impact upon children, they do not consider that it impacts upon them or their own children and therefore they do not proactively seek help for… Read more »

Are you prepared for the bad weather this winter?

With the extreme weather conditions over the last few years and more recently high winds and flooding, we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries with regards to whether or not employers are obliged to pay their employees who are unable to make it into or back to work. One of the basic principles of… Read more »

An inheritance tax free ISA?

Did you know that ISAs are free from income and capital gains tax? However, contrary to the beliefs of a large number of people, cash or shares held within ISAs do form part of an individual’s estate on death to calculate liability for inheritance tax. Investment in shares in companies listed on the Alternative Investment… Read more »

Could the green deal help you or your business?

It has recently been announced on the BBC website that the number of people taking up the ‘Green Deal’ has passed the 1000 barrier. See the BBC website article here. The Green Deal was created by the government to reduce household and business carbon emissions and to save energy. Through the Green Deal, the government are… Read more »

Divorce – what if your ex goes bankrupt?

Nearly 26,030 people went bankrupt between July and September 2013, the highest figure in 12 months.  Just imagine you’ve been through a marriage breakdown but then you face sorting out the money, your ex is being extremely cagey and then goes bankrupt!  What next? All is not necessarily lost.  Each case will need to be… Read more »

Inheritance tax avoidance or evasion?

Recent figures show that HM Revenue and Customs is collecting more inheritance tax than ever. To some extent this can be put down to the increase in property prices in some parts of the country and the improving performance of investments, combined with the on-going freeze in the threshold at which inheritance tax becomes payable…. Read more »

Bankrupt sentenced for fraudulently transferring assets

The Insolvency Service has recently published details of a bankrupt, who was sentenced to six months in prison by Cardiff County Court, for fraudulently transferring assets prior to the making of the bankruptcy order. An investigation into the bankrupt’s affairs identified that one month prior to the making of the bankruptcy order, the bankrupt and… Read more »

Divorce or separation? Ignore court orders at your peril

There is a duty of full and honest disclosure in all divorce and separation cases where financial issues are raised. Where there are court proceedings, this is undertaken by completing a document called ‘Form E’. It can be a very long and detailed process to complete the form and often, accountancy advice is required as well… Read more »