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Help is at hand for January break ups – mend it or end it?

It’s well known fact that the second Monday after Christmas is usually the busiest day of the year for divorce solicitors as they are contacted for new appointments. The reasons for break-ups are varied and not just because of personal problems – economic pressures that build during the year are compounded by the excesses of… Read more »

Government encourages bequests to charities

From April 2012, where an individual leaves at least 10% of their net estate to charitable bodies then the inheritance tax rate will be reduced from 40% to 36%. Deciding to include such a bequest to charities means that you will be able to assist charities with their work and less inheritance tax would be… Read more »

Elderly care scandal – can the Government create lasting reform?

An article published in The Daily Telegraph on 3 January claims that hundreds of thousands of elderly people are being robbed of their dignity by failing care services and are being left at risk of ‘terrible abuse and neglect’. It is estimated that thousands of elderly people across the UK are being forced to use… Read more »

Does the economy affect divorce statistics?

In December 2011, the Office for National Statistics released its annual figures showing the number of divorces in 2010 throughout England and Wales was 119,589. The number of divorces has increased 4.9% since 2009 when there were 113,949 divorces. The figures, quite surprisingly, show the first rise in divorces since 2003 when there were 152,923… Read more »

Commercial property and self invested personal pension plans (SIPPs)

As borrowing remains difficult in the current climate, there is an increasing trend of business owners taking advantage of using commercial property in Self Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPs). A SIPP is the ideal way to release capital for a business. By selling a property to your pension fund instead of holding cash in it,… Read more »

Are you keeping hidden assets squirrelled away from your partner?

In a recent report Prudential indicated that 15% of us over the age of 40, living with a partner, keep some or all of their savings hidden from their other halves. Whilst the survey looks at attitudes to holding onto secret savings and not disclosing to a spouse or partner, it is worth bearing in… Read more »

Digital Inheritance – What do you have in Cyberspace?

As a nation we are becoming more “connected” than ever before, with our work and personal lives increasingly lived through smart phones, tablets, social media and online accounts. It is estimated there are £2.3 billion of internet hosted assets such as music, films, subscriptions and accounts currently stashed away online in this digital cloud by… Read more »

Have your say, there’s no need for a tattoo!

More and more people are wanting to make their wishes clear in respect of medical treatment – in the event that they are unexpectedly taken into hospital in an unconscious state and cannot communicate their wishes. In order to make their preferences explicit, some people have resorted to drastic measures, such as the Grandma who… Read more »