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How is inherited wealth distributed in a divorce?

When asked to advise clients going through divorce proceedings in relation to financial settlements, the question of how the courts will approach inherited wealth is one that is often asked. The answer is ‘it depends’ – which on the face of it, isn’t a very helpful answer. The difficulty lies in the fact that the… Read more »

At last – the demise of the Child Support Agency

The Child Support Agency has never exactly been a success and certainly not found on the favourites list of any lawyer or indeed most parents. It has suffered from bad publicity from the very beginning and has never really been successful except in the simplest of cases. Most of us lawyers yearned for the days… Read more »

Pre-wedding nerves should not be ignored

A recent survey (see Telegraph article here) has shown that wives who had pre-wedding doubts are two and a half times more likely to be divorced 4 years later than those who didn’t have any doubts. And that whilst men are more likely to have doubts before a wedding than women – it’s the women’s… Read more »

Renting a business premises? Beware of the break clause

When tenants are negotiating leases of business premises we always recommend that they should insist on at least one break clause in their new lease. A break clause will enable you to vacate your business premises without the fear of any long term financial commitment, if your business fails or you are unable to transfer… Read more »

Cohabitees, children and rights

According to recently released statistics arising from the recent census, cohabiting couples who are unmarried are now as likely to have children as those who marry. There has been an increase of 34% in cohabitees with children. Unfortunately statistics also show that these relationships are more likely to break down than if they were married. The… Read more »

Pensions auto-enrolment for employers is here

New laws that came into force on 30 June 2012 will eventually require all UK employers to automatically enrol eligible workers into a pension scheme and make mandatory minimum contributions on their behalf. The reforms are being implemented gradually starting on 1 October 2012, and although many employers will not become subject to the new… Read more »

Would you put divorce on your shopping list?

The Co-op’s proposal, announced this week, is to provide family legal services via a national telephone line, combined with a pack of forms to complete. Only if you are in London will you have the option of meeting an advisor face to face. This has left me, as a family lawyer, asking myself if this… Read more »

Shared parenting

A hot topic at the moment is ‘shared parenting’ and whether legislation should be amended to include the following:- ‘the welfare of the child concerned will be furthered by involvement in the child’s upbringing of each parent of the child who can be involved in a way not adverse to the child’s safety’. The above… Read more »

Italian sex-slave case has ‘many’ shades of grey

An Italian woman who signed a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ contract promising total sexual and mental submission to her husband, is now divorcing him citing mistreatment after seven years of slavery. The woman signed the explicitly worded contract with her then boyfriend in 2004. They married in 2006 and separated last year. The woman has… Read more »