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Coronation Street story tackles domestic violence

According to recent statistics, there were two millions victims of domestic abuse in 2011/2012 and no doubt, many other victims too scared even to discuss the problems they were facing. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic abuse but the statistics are surprising in that 7% of women and 5% of men were… Read more »

Sperm donors can have contact with children

In a recent High Court Judgement, Mr Justice Baker has ordered that known sperm donors can now apply to court for contact orders under section 8 of the Children Act 1989, even though they have no legal role as parents of their biological child. Justice Baker ruled that two men, whose sperm were provided to… Read more »

Legal professional privilege – not extended to accountants

As predicted in my previous article in June 2012 (click here to view), Prudential has failed in its appeal against the Court of Appeal ruling that Legal Professional privilege should not be extended to Chartered Accountants. The specific issue raised by this appeal is whether a client can claim legal advice privilege (LAP) over advice given… Read more »

Marriage not for you?

If you are one of the increasing number of people who have decided that marriage is not for you and you wish to simply live together without any of the formalities, beware! In a very recent case, a female cohabitee, Mrs Curran, has been “absolutely stripped of everything” when a 30 year relationship ended. The… Read more »

Employment tribunal fees to be introduced in 2013

The government intends to introduce a charging structure to the employment tribunal system. Following lengthy consultation these charges are set to commence in the summer of 2013. In 2011 the coalition government announced that it proposed to introduce fees into employment tribunals as part of its drive to reform employment law. Consultation began in the… Read more »

Husband jailed for ‘flagrant’ contempt of court in family case

It is a well established principle that in divorce or separation cases, where family finances are considered, that there is a duty of full and frank disclosure between the parties. There are however, frequent cases where one party claims that the other has failed to disclose “hidden” assets such as bank accounts, investments and even… Read more »

Trustee jailed for theft

A trustee is responsible for looking after assets on behalf of another. In such a role the must perform their duties to ensure that all steps are taken in the beneficiary’s best interests. If a trustee acts in breach of their duties they may find themselves personally liable to the beneficiaries. Taking an entirely dishonest… Read more »

Down tools, it’s snowing!

Living in the UK we are often subjected to adverse weather conditions and, quite frankly, have not yet learned how to cope with them. We have already seen snowfall, frost and freezing fog and there is worse still to come over the winter period. Despite our inability to manage the weather, employers must be able… Read more »

Making a will – one resolution that you should keep

With the New Year we all express our good intentions to live better and get things done. Typically we resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, join a gym or simply de-clutter the house. Well, what about getting round to making or updating your will? Making a will is something so many people put off doing… Read more »