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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce – religion and children

With news this week that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are to divorce, press coverage has begun to focus on the impact that Tom Cruise’s highly publicised membership of the Church of Scientology will have in any future disagreements between them over the upbringing of their six year old daughter. When any couple separate, there… Read more »

Freedom for the over ’60s

Last year Bertie and Jessie Woods from Hertfordshire set a world record after ending their 36 year marriage, both aged 98 and recently Al Gore and his wife announced their divorce only weeks after celebrating their 40 wedding anniversary. It may be a surprise to some that divorce amongst the over sixties is on the… Read more »

Going bust in divorce

People going through a divorce may think that the easy way out is to claim bankruptcy. Bankrupts will usually be discharged from bankruptcy after one year and bankrupts are seemingly not the social outcasts they used to be. It might be thought that a way of getting out of paying what your other half is… Read more »

Landlords beware; watch out for canny administrators

Like most things in life, timing is key when it comes to a company going into administration and the landlord’s claim to the rent due. As we head back into ‘technical’ recession, there has been the inevitable increase in the number of businesses, particularly on the high street, hitting difficulty with their finances and being… Read more »

Purchasing a home? Fixtures could affect stamp duty bracket

Fitted wardrobes will be classed as ‘fixtures’ and part of the sale price for a property when you come to buy a house, according to a recent HMRC case. Take heed, as this can make a significant difference to the amount of stamp duty that you may have to pay. Fixtures are items that are… Read more »

Bank holiday headache for employers?

Preparations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee street parties may be in full swing; however employers and employees need to be clear about the rules around the extra day off for staff. The extra day – which is in addition to the existing bank holiday on 4 June – has caused concern among businesses which will… Read more »

The world’s richest bride

In a surprise move, almost immediately following the flotation of Facebook, its founder Mark Zuckerberg, a man who is intensely private, changed his status to “Married”. He had secretly married his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, whom he met at Harvard and had been in a relationship with for over seven years. It is not known whether they entered into a… Read more »

One small step for ministers, one giant leap for child maintenance

As the government have recently acknowledged the “long-term failure” of the current child maintenance system, they have also made two important announcements – they have now committed to ensuring that firstly, more parents receive adequate financial support and secondly, that this support is more effectively enforced. The first announcement is to bring the Child Maintenance… Read more »

Get the full picture on apprenticeships

There is no doubt that apprenticeships have benefits for both employers and young people looking for work, providing much needed employment and skill. More and more businesses from large corporates to SMEs are taking up the idea. Recent research showed that some 92 per cent of employers who take on apprentices believe that the scheme… Read more »

Landlords urged to initiate a formal lease

Times are still tough so it’s easy to understand the temptation for landlords to do everything possible to fill an empty property. Allowing a tenant to move into a property before a lease is in place is one way to avoid losing an interested tenant, but landlords should bear in mind that by doing this… Read more »