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Appointing executors… Who has the last word?

An ‘executor’ is appointed in a will as the person who will administer the estate following death. There may simply be a sole executor or you could elect to have more. The executors will step into the shoes of the person who made the will and has passed away i.e. the ‘testator’ and assume control… Read more »

Fair pay for grandparents and relative carers

Grandparents and other family members are increasingly frequently being used by Local Authorities Social Services Departments as carers for their extended families children, namely “kinship carers”, when the natural parents are unable to cope. It is seen as a better alternative than placing the children in care or with a foster family, as these options… Read more »

Civil partnerships – to have and let go?

Civil partnerships were introduced in 2005 to give same-sex couples the same legal rights as married couples. According to figures released today, the number of civil partnerships (between same sex couples) has risen over the last year by some 6.4%. Unfortunately the rise has been more than over-shadowed by the number of dissolutions over the… Read more »

Stepping Hill Hospital hits the news again

Stepping Hill Hospital and Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has had a difficult period over the last couple of years in terms of both its reputation and public confidence in its safety standards. In July 2011, a major investigation followed the finding that saline drips at the hospital had been deliberately contaminated with insulin, which was… Read more »

Cosmetic surgery – is it as safe as it could be?

Cosmetic surgery is defined by the Department of Health as “Operations or other procedures that revise or change the appearance, colour, texture, structure or position of bodily features to achieve what patients perceive to be more desirable”. Obvious tensions exist between the patient’s best interests, ethics and the surgeon’s goal of profit. What should cosmetic… Read more »

Deadline set for continuing care

Thousands of people who have wrongly paid care fees could miss out on claiming the money back from the NHS, a leading elderly care expert has warned. The warning follows a new deadline for claim assessments set by the Department of Health which means eligible people have just under three months left to register their… Read more »

A change in the air for cohabitees?

A recent decision in a legal case in Scotland has resulted in one party in a cohabiting relationship being successful in a claim for capital against the other, following the breakdown of the relationship. The court awarded one party a capital sum as compensation for the economic disadvantage that she had suffered as a result… Read more »

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce – religion and children

With news this week that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are to divorce, press coverage has begun to focus on the impact that Tom Cruise’s highly publicised membership of the Church of Scientology will have in any future disagreements between them over the upbringing of their six year old daughter. When any couple separate, there… Read more »

Freedom for the over ’60s

Last year Bertie and Jessie Woods from Hertfordshire set a world record after ending their 36 year marriage, both aged 98 and recently Al Gore and his wife announced their divorce only weeks after celebrating their 40 wedding anniversary. It may be a surprise to some that divorce amongst the over sixties is on the… Read more »