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Unfair Dismissals likely to follow rioting?

Some have lost everything. The effects on employees of the business could yet cause more problems. Employment Partner at SAS Daniels LLP warns that some businesses may not be able to continue as a result of the riots and this could lead to mass redundancies. “There may be no alternative for some businesses,” the Partner… Read more »

Secondary Issues – Best Practice for Issuers

Following the Office of Fair Trading market study and the Rights Issue Fees Inquiry report into equity underwriting, the Institutional Investor Committee published the its “Best Practice Guidance for Issuers when Raising Equity Capital” guide (‘the Guide’). It is hoped that the Guide will assist boards in preparing for future equity issues ensuring best practice… Read more »

Partnership Law Update

The recent case of Eaton v Caulfield [2011] EWHC 173 (Ch) has once again highlighted the importance of well drafted and constituted agreements in relation to limited liability partnerships. In Eaton v Caulfield the parties had established a recruitment agency for lawyers. The business had been incorporated as an LLP in March 2007 yet no… Read more »

Pitfalls of not legalising shareholder and partnership agreements

Business people are having to work harder just to tread water, let alone grow in this economic climate. With all the extra day-to-day pressures, many business leaders are neglecting to put in place written partnership and shareholders’ agreements. Agreements should be an essential part of businesses’ DNA, but for many this is just not the… Read more »

Better Rights for Grandparents?

Under new proposals by the Government, Grandparents could win new legal rights to see their grandchildren. When the parents separate, they will be expected to consider the role of the grandparents – on both sides – and to try to ensure that they have a continuing role in the lives of the children. It is… Read more »

Divorce – avoiding your spouse’s claims?

If you are tempted to try to avoid claims by your spouse in divorce proceedings, think again. Occasionally, within divorce proceedings, one party tries to avoid these claims by transferring assets to another party or family member, such as monies in bank accounts, shares and even property. The court has always had the power to… Read more »

Inheritance and Divorce

A recent report shows that a third of parents are reluctant to leave money to their children in case they get divorced and the other spouse benefits from it. One in four parents is not confident that the marriage will last. Gifts or inheritances are common issues in divorce proceedings nowadays and it is rare… Read more »