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Prospectus Directive: Are you ready?

We set out below the most significant recent changes introduced by the Council of European Union to the Prospective Directive (2003/71/EC). Further guidance can be provided on request. Copies of the text adopted can be found HERE. A note of the press release made can be found HERE. To download a full copy of this Legal Comment,… Read more »

Death of a joint owner with a mortgage

When two or more people own a house they can do so either as joint tenants or tenants in common. If they own as joint tenants, and one of them dies, the survivors inherit the house. If they own as tenants in common, the share of the house owned by the person who died passes… Read more »

Intestacy Rules

Changes came in during February 2009 to the rules regarding how much a surviving spouse and children should inherit when someone dies without making a will (known as the intestacy rules). However, these changes did not amend the rules regarding who should inherit the estate. There is still a common misconception that a surviving “common… Read more »

Your Online Legacy

Facebook, eBay, Bebo, Paypal & MySpace, to name just some of the online accounts that millions of Britains have joined in the online revolution. As a nation we are becoming more and more dependent on online accounts, we shop, chat, gamble and date online but what happens to these accounts when someone dies? The way… Read more »

Grandparents to get green light for contact applications?

Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families recently announced government plans to change the law allowing grandparents the right to apply through the Courts for contact to their grandchildren. At the moment, grandparents must first obtain the permission of the Court to bring the application by showing that they have an… Read more »

Separating Partner Maintenance: Perfect Storm Gathers

The Government should consider an urgent change in maintenance legislation to prevent a collapse of the financial support system for separating unmarried couples. Family lawyers at law firm SAS Daniels LLP says marriage rates are plummeting as more people choose to simply cohabit – which means that the rights of co-habitees in the UK are… Read more »