Coronation Street story tackles domestic violence

Year Published: 2013

According to recent statistics, there were two millions victims of domestic abuse in 2011/2012 and no doubt, many other victims too scared even to discuss the problems they were facing.

Women are more likely to be victims of domestic abuse but the statistics are surprising in that 7% of women and 5% of men were estimated to have experienced domestic abuse in the last year.

Domestic abuse takes many forms. People think of domestic abuse as being black eyes and bruises but often, emotional abuse can be far worse. Victims are made to feel that what is happening to them is their fault and are often too embarrassed to discuss their problems with friends or professionals.

The recent storyline on Coronation Street of Tyrone and Kirsty perhaps shows how difficult it is to convince people of the truth. Who knows what will eventually happen? Will Tyrone be cleared of the charges made against him? Will Kirsty have her comeuppance? Two endings are currently being filmed so that the result is ‘top secret’. Hopefully, justice will be seen to be done, Tyrone will walk away a free man and Kirsty will be charged and found guilty of the assaults she has committed upon Tyrone.

There are organisations out there who can help emotionally and if the police cannot help, a solicitor can advise you on making an application to court for a non-molestation order with a power of arrest attached to it, which would result in an order to prevent your ex-partner from having any contact with you and if he or she breached the order, they would be arrested by the police.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse and could benefit from the advice and support of a solicitor, please contact our Family Law team on 0161 475 7676.

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