What fine can I expect if I’m found guilty of a food hygiene offence?

Year Published: 2016

Under the new sentencing guidelines, defendants can expect extremely high fines on conviction. When assessing the level of fine the court must have regard to, amongst other things, the company’s turnover, liability and the risk to public health.

We can assist by putting forward detailed mitigation on your behalf with a view to keeping any fine to a minimum. Whilst we can’t change your company’s turnover we can put forward arguments in respect of the level risk to public health and your company’s liability. This can have a huge impact upon the level of fine imposed. Set out below is a summary of the fine ranges for Micro, Small, Medium and Large companies:

Size of Company Range of Fine per offence
Micro (turnover of less than £2m) £100 – £120,000
Small (turnover of between £2m and £10m) £300 – £450,000
Medium (turnover of £10m to £50m) £2,000 – £1.2m
Large (turnover of over £50m £6,000 – £3m

If you require assistance at any stage of criminal proceedings, including sentencing, then please get in touch with our Food Regulatory team who will be happy to help.

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