September Pay Award For Teachers

Year Published: 2017

The September pay award for teachers and the 2017’s Schools Teachers Pay & Conditions document have now been published. The pay award follows the standard format that we’ve seen in recent years in that increases to the scales at minimum and maximum points of all pay ranges have been given. How that increase is distributed to all other points has been left to schools to decide.

Key details of the September pay award:

As a summary of the September pay award the STRB has advised that there should be:

  1. A 2% uplift applied to the statutory minimum and maximum of the main pay range;
  2. A 1% uplift applied to the minima and maxima of all other pay ranges in the national framework (including head teacher groups) and all allowances across all pay ranges.

Full information on the September pay award can be found on the government’s website.

ASCL, ATL, NAHT, NUT, UCAC and Voice Trade unions have now also provided their joint advice which they will provide to all schools. They have stated that formal consultation should take place with the unions before pay policies are implemented.

Their joint advice is that all teachers and leaders should receive either a 1% or 2% rise within their relevant pay ranges and they will only support policies which reflect this. This rise would exclude any rise a teacher or leader may receive through progression to a higher scale point.

What should schools consider before making their decision?

Ultimately, it will be schools who will decide if and how to implement the pay award but such consideration may include the impact on the school budget, morale, employee relations, retention and future recruitment. A school may choose not to uplift each salary point if this may result in redundancies. Conversely, if schools in the local area are lifting salaries across all points, a school may choose to follow suit to avoid becoming a less desirable employer in the local area.

Balancing this decision can be difficult for a school especially, if there are financial constraints.

If you would like to discuss the September pay award and the options available to your schools, please contact our Employment team on 0161 475 7676 or email [email protected].

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