Local Authority Funding for Care

If you need care and support during your daily life then your Local Authority must (subject to your agreement) undertake an assessment of your needs. The assessment will identify how your need for care impacts upon your wellbeing, the outcomes you want to achieve and accordingly what level of care you actually need. If you… Read more »

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is an official legal document allowing you to appoint a person or organisation to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. It is something that you should think about when planning for your future and could be created at the same time as you make a… Read more »

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

Care home providers and managers

Our Elderly, Care & Mental Capacity team acted on behalf of a client who was in a care home and whose needs were reviewed by the NHS with a view to assessing whether or not she was entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare, which in effect would mean that her nursing home fees would be paid… Read more »

Lasting Power of Attorney Objection

Signing Document

Our Elderly, Care & Mental Capacity team acted on behalf of a client who was in his 90’s, with full capacity, who had appointed his step daughter as his attorney. When it came to registering the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) with the Office of the Public Guardian, the client’s two daughters (who he had… Read more »

Care Home Contract Issues

Signing Document

Our Elderly, Care & Mental Capacity team acted for a client who wanted to challenge the terms of a care home contract that related to her husband. He had been occupying a room in a residential care home for over a year when the care home decided that they could no longer cater for his… Read more »

Protecting a Mother’s Assets


Our Elderly, Care & Mental Capacity team act as Court of Protection Deputy for a client who can no longer deal with her own financial affairs. It is a sad case and the client concerned has a long history of depression and has had significant mental health difficulties over the course of the last few… Read more »

Genevieve Powrie

I am an Associate in the Elderly, Care & Mental Capacity team specialising in legal issues affecting elderly and vulnerable clients. This includes long term care funding such as, Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding claims, local authority funding and paying for care privately (estate planning); ordinary and lasting powers of attorney; deputyship and other applications… Read more »

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) were the forerunner to Lasting Powers of Attorney. Although since 2007 you can no longer make an Enduring Powers of Attorney but any that were made prior to that date are still valid. Enduring Powers of Attorney only cover property and financial affairs and the registration process is slightly different…. Read more »

Justine Clowes

Justine Clowes, Partner at SAS Daniels LLP

I am Business Owner, Joint Head of Macclesfield Office, Head of Private Client and Partner. I specialise in wills and wealth planning, powers of attorney and court of protection legal matters, with a strong focus on working with people who lack mental capacity and their families. I have a special interest in legal services that benefit… Read more »