Acting as Deputy or Attorney

What is a deputy and how can they help someone who has lost mental capacity? A deputy is a person who is appointed by the Court of Protection to make decisions on behalf of an individual who has lost the mental capacity to make their own decisions. Any suitable person can act as a deputy,… Read more »

Lasting Powers of Attorney

This is the first tool that you should have in your armoury of things that will help you plan for your future. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint someone to make decisions for you, during your lifetime, if you can no longer make those decisions for yourself. Lasting Power of Attorney… Read more »

Court of Protection Deputies

Often, our clients’ families are faced with a situation where an older relative has lost capacity, usually due to a diagnosis of dementia, but they have not made a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). Often this is brought to the fore because the person is needing care in a… Read more »

Advance Decisions for Health

An Advance Decision (also known as a Living Will) is a legally binding expression of wishes which regards the medical treatment you may wish to refuse in the event that you lose the mental capacity to make your own medical decisions. Advance Decisions will only be legally binding if certain conditions are met: The person… Read more »

Court of Protection Process

Unfortunately sometimes, disputes arise in respect of a person who has lost capacity which relate to issues surrounding their health and welfare, such as where they might live or around medical treatment. This type of dispute usually has to be resolved by the Court of Protection and this is something that our specialist team can… Read more »

Care Funding Advice

One of the main areas of concern for our clients and their families is how care is funded. We also find that due to the limited amount of help and advice that people are given when a family member is going in to care, often we are the first port of call for people when… Read more »

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

The founding principle of the NHS is that health care should be free at the point of need. When we visit a GP or Hospital we would not expect to undergo a financial assessment procedure to establish whether we should pay for our treatment. Unfortunately the situation is not so simple when it involves an… Read more »

Elderly, Care and Mental Capacity

nurse with elderly woman

How can our Elderly, Care and Mental Capacity team help you? The Elderly, Care and Mental Capacity team deals with problems that typically, but not only, affect older people and those with disabilities. Elderly Care If you, or a relative, are thinking of moving in to a care home, or are starting to plan for… Read more »