A Generous Testator

Meeting Room

Our Estate Administration & Probate team acted as executors for a generous patron of the arts and science in the Manchester area who was also an avid collector of fine art. He left most of his estate to a number of both national and local charities but also left a share of his estate in… Read more »

A Home-made Will & a Millionaire

Manor House

Our Estate Administration & Probate team were approached by the executor and main beneficiary of a home-made Will where the person who died was a neighbour with considerable wealth, but had no family and had become good friends with our client over the years. The Will was challenged by the beneficiaries of an earlier Will… Read more »

Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones, Legal Executive at SAS Daniels

I am an Associate within the Estate Administration & Probate team. Having worked in this area of law for over 10 years specialising in the administration of estates. I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executive.

Probate Checklist

How long does an estate take to administer and what are the steps to be taken? There are a number of steps to be taken in dealing with an estate and each estate can vary widely depending on the nature of the assets, the value of the estate, how quickly institutions respond to queries and… Read more »

Helen Gowin

I am Partner and Head of the Estate Administration & Probate team. I deal with executors and trustees on high value estates including estates with a foreign element, business and agricultural assets. I act for a wide variety of personal representatives and beneficiaries of estates who need to sort out the affairs of someone who… Read more »

Changing Will After Death

What is a Deed of Variation? It is possible in some circumstances to change a person’s Will after they have died. Likewise, if no Will has been made, it is possible to change how a person’s estate is distributed after their death. These changes can be made through a Deed of Variation. Some of the… Read more »

Intestacy Rules

What are the Intestacy Rules? If someone dies and hasn’t made a valid Will their estate will be distributed under a certain set of rules. These are known as the rules of intestacy. As a result of not having a valid Will, no-one will have the authority to immediately deal with the deceased person’s affairs…. Read more »

Estate Administration and Probate

Coping with the death of a close family member or friend is understandably difficult and our team of estate administration and probate lawyers are here to help ease your concerns. At a time of loss there are a number of practicalities which need to be dealt with and the estate administration process needs to be… Read more »