FAQs for Commercial Landlords and Tenants during COVID-19

For Landlords: Can my tenant stop paying their rent if they have shut their business down? The short answer is No. Any tenant of commercial premises must continue to comply with the terms of their commercial lease, including payment of rent, unless the lease states otherwise.The government has suggested that commercial landlords and tenants consider… Read more »

FAQs: The Effect of COVID-19 on Debt Recovery Processes

The current pandemic has seen many businesses increase and exhaust their internal credit control procedures, not to mention exercise patience with their customers and clients. But what happens next when these invoices remain unpaid? With particular consideration to the Government’s recent guidance, we answer some frequently asked questions: A large amount of unpaid invoices are… Read more »

Residential Property

The outbreak of COVID-19 raises important questions in relation to buying or selling your home. Our Conveyancing and Residential Property Solicitors understand that moving home can already be an incredibly stressful time, with increasing concerns arising from the lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. SAS Daniels LLP are able to provide you with… Read more »

What You Need to Know about Divorce During Lockdown

With the UK on an extended lockdown, those living in what were already strained marriages prior to the pandemic may be finding their situation at home with their spouse particularly challenging. Some spouses may be considering their options and this article is designed to give some guidance. What Is the Ground for Divorce? There is… Read more »

COVID-19: Arrangements for Children

It is unsurprising that family solicitors are being asked for guidance during such unprecedented times. Resolution, an organisation designed to support family solicitors in achieving best practice, has issued a series of suggestions that separated parents may find helpful. The new COVID-19 restrictions may have caused children to spend more time with one parent than… Read more »

Financial Remedies: Court Backlogs and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The lead Judge of the Greater Manchester Family Proceedings Court, HHJ Haigh, has called for co-operation from family law solicitors working in the local area in an attempt to ease the pressure on Court staff working in the Greater Manchester financial remedies Court. It seems that whilst the country is in lockdown, the court is… Read more »

Mediation in a Pandemic

Unfortunately, disputes will still arise and continue in the midst of a pandemic. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution which can be a highly effective tool to bring a dispute to a conclusion (saving management time and legal costs). Mediation can be used both before legal proceedings are commenced and at any stage… Read more »

Litigating during a Pandemic

You may have some ongoing litigation or you may have a dispute that you have made every attempt to resolve through other means leaving litigation now as the only and last resort. If this is the case, a natural question will be: how can that litigation be pursued to a conclusion in the current climate… Read more »

COVID-19 and Holidays with Children as a Separated Parent

During school holidays in 2020, many parents will have booked holidays either abroad or in the UK to take with their children, which they can no longer enjoy due to the current pandemic. These holidays often take much planning and preparation and particularly, when parents are separated, can involve a great deal of negotiation. Many… Read more »

Travel Disputes Arising from COVID-19

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has placed restrictions on all non-essential travel for an ‘indefinite’ period. This has extensive consequences to customers who have pre-booked holidays as most airlines have cancelled flights until at least the end of May 2020. Kathryn Clare, Associate, answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding travel disputes… Read more »