Furlough Leave – Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below to reveal our guidance on the most popular enquiries we’ve received about furlough leave. Watch our latest video explaining more about the Furlough Leave scheme. How Do I Know If I Qualify for Furlough? The scheme is open to all UK employers that had a PAYE scheme in place on 19… Read more »

Working Time Regulations Update

The Working Time (Coronavirus) Amendment Regulations 2020 SI 2020/365 has been brought into force with immediate effect from Friday 27 March 2020. It amends the Working Time Regulations 1998 SI 1998/1883. So, what’s changed? Carrying Over Untaken Holiday Workers and/or employees who have not taken all of their statutory annual leave entitlement due to COVID-19… Read more »

Should Employees Attend Work?

Recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, amongst other things, that: “Travelling to and from work [is permitted], but only where it is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home”. Unfortunately, this was fairly ambiguous. What does “absolutely necessary” mean. Is he referring to the travel being necessary or the work? Many news sites quickly… Read more »

Variation of Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 has put the nation in a spin and with the current introduction of strong Government advice to stay at home, this has left some employers with considerable decisions to make with regards to employees being able to continue to work in these testing times, not to mention the financial impact this virus is having… Read more »

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

When is Statutory Sick Pay Payable? To qualify for SSP, an individual must be absent from work due to incapacity. Ordinarily, SSP is payable from the fourth day of absence. However, emergency legislation has been introduced to make SSP payable from day one if individuals are absent from work due to Coronavirus. The Government has… Read more »


During the current COVID-19 situation, many employers will be looking to designate employees as “Furloughed Workers”, sending them home and claiming 80% of their pay from the Government Fund. This should be done with employee agreement as this is a contractual change, however it is likely that the majority of employees would agree as this… Read more »

Working from Home

It has been a while now since the Prime Minister recommended that employers look at flexible options so that employees could self-isolate or socially distance themselves. One of the most popular options suggested has been working from home, where possible. The advantage is that employees can avoid other commuters and reduce transmission of the virus… Read more »

Furlough Leave – Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Watch our video explaining more about the Furlough Leave scheme. What Is the Current Position? The Government has put forward measures to help businesses ride out the economic crisis created by Covid-19. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is an important part of the Government’s plan to support employers whose operations have been severely affected by… Read more »

School Closure and Dependants’ Leave Guidance

With schools closing for the second time, this is causing concern for both employees and employers with regard to how they will need to deal with childcare and possible extended period of absence. We’ve outlined some information on what options are available in terms of dealing with such absences. Dependants’ Leave Currently, where there has… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Employee Entitled to Sick Pay When Self-isolating? If they are self-isolating in accordance with medical advice, i.e. by receiving a written notice from their GP or as a result of calling 111, they are entitled to sick pay as per their contract of employment. If their contract does not contain any enhanced level… Read more »