What You Need to Know about Divorce During Lockdown

With the UK on an extended lockdown, those living in what were already strained marriages prior to the pandemic may be finding their situation at home with their spouse particularly challenging. Some spouses may be considering their options and this article is designed to give some guidance. What Is the Ground for Divorce? There is… Read more »

Arrangements for Children during Lockdown

It is unsurprising that family solicitors are being asked for guidance during such unprecedented times. Resolution, an organisation designed to support family solicitors in achieving best practice, has issued a series of suggestions that separated parents may find helpful. The school closures have caused children to spend more time with one parent than was envisaged… Read more »

Financial Remedies: Court Backlogs and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The lead Judge of the Greater Manchester Family Proceedings Court, HHJ Haigh, has called for co-operation from family law solicitors working in the local area in an attempt to ease the pressure on Court staff working in the Greater Manchester financial remedies Court. It seems that whilst the country is in lockdown, the court is… Read more »

COVID-19 and Holidays with Children as a Separated Parent

During school holidays in 2020, many parents will have booked holidays either abroad or in the UK to take with their children, which they can no longer enjoy due to the current pandemic. These holidays often take much planning and preparation and particularly, when parents are separated, can involve a great deal of negotiation. Many… Read more »

The Domestic Pressures of Lockdown

Over the Easter weekend, the Home Office announced that domestic abuse services are to receive an extra £2million as part of an initiative called “You are not alone”. The National Domestic Abuse helpline has seen a 25% increase in calls and online requests since lockdown began. Many are encountering difficulties managing the enforced proximity with… Read more »

FAQs: Pension Sharing in Divorce

I am getting divorced after 25 years of marriage. What happens to the pension I have worked all my life for? My wife has not worked; she has just looked after the children. You need to obtain the value of the pension fund, as the court will take into account the pension fund as well… Read more »

Financial Remedies and Moving Home During COVID-19

I am in the process of negotiating a financial settlement with my spouse, and we agree that our property should be sold. Should we market the property for sale during COVID-19? When assisting people to resolve financial matters arising on divorce or separation, the family home, rental or holiday properties more often than not form… Read more »

How might COVID-19 affect Financial Orders in Divorce?

The speed at which the COVID-19 pandemic has spread took us all by surprise. In the weeks before the full impact could have been predicted, many people will have secured final financial orders as part of divorce proceedings. It is often the case in marital settlements that rather than being split equally, assets are offset… Read more »

Family Law

The government guidance on Covid-19 and how we as a nation can take steps to protect our most vulnerable people is changing daily. SAS Daniels remain willing and able to provide advice and support by offering a variety of simple, online platforms where clients can arrange consultations by video or telephone. Contact a member of… Read more »

Shelley Chesworth

Shelley Cheshworth, Partner and Joint Head of Family Law at SAS Daniels

I am Partner and Head of the Family Law team, specialising in family law for over 25 years and advise clients across Cheshire from our offices in Stockport. I have particular expertise in complex financial negotiations where the assets include businesses, diverse pension schemes and substantial investment portfolios. As a member of the Children Panel… Read more »