Tax Advice for Trustees

The tax rules surrounding Trusts can be complicated. To ensure that you do not incur any penalties from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), we can help guide you through the process and provide tax advice for trustees in a number of situations. For example, on the commencement and termination of a Trust and during a… Read more »

Trust Administration

As a trustee you will be responsible for looking after assets on behalf of beneficiaries. Trusts have existed for many years and so duties for trustees have evolved over time. In the Trustee Act 2000 a vast number of these duties were revised and set out in legislation. We can help ensure that you complete… Read more »

Lifetime Trusts

It is common for Trusts to be created by Wills which will then come into operation on the testator’s death, but there are also situations where people may wish to create a Trust to become operational immediately. This is known as a Lifetime Trust The Trust would be created by a document called the Trust… Read more »

Trusts and Trust Deeds

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What is a Trust and Trust Deed? Most people have heard of Trusts but may not know exactly how these play a part in day to day life. A Trust is an arrangement where somebody is put in a position of responsibility to look after assets for someone else. This arrangement is put into a… Read more »