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Post-Lockdown Coparenting: How to Transition Your Child Arrangements

Father coparenting with his child - child arrangements post-lockdown

When the country first went into lockdown in March 2020, there was a great deal of confusion about whether the “stay at home” message for children of separated parents applied to them or not. The Government subsequently offered guidance to confirm that children from separated parents could move between two households. Despite this guidance, the… Read more »

Child Arrangements: Lockdown and Separated Parents

The UK is in its third national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and families of separated parents remain uncertain about whether their children are allowed to move between households during this time, if changes need to be made to the terms of any existing child arrangements orders, and what the latest guidance is surrounding… Read more »

Stop Bugging Me! How Not To Behave In Family Court Proceedings

A child at the centre of family court proceedings and a dispute between her parents had listening devices sewn into her clothes by her father in a bid to eavesdrop on her private conversations with her social worker. The recordings took place over the course of a year without the child’s knowledge and details of… Read more »

Where To Start With Separation?

When clients first come to me for advice about their separation, whether they are in a marriage, a situation where they have been cohabiting or maybe where they have never lived together but are parents, they are not always at the same emotional and financial stage of the separation process. Some clients have only just… Read more »