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Your Guide To A Special Guardianship Order

A Special Guardianship Order is an order made by the court which appoints one or more individuals to act as a child’s ‘special guardian’. It is common for this type of order to be made in favour of a grandparent or other extended family members who step in to care for a child who may… Read more »

Implacable hostility to child contact

In a recent case Lord Justice MacFarlane has set out the approach to be taken by courts in cases when parents, usually mothers, are totally opposed to child contact taking place. The description given to such parents is ‘implacably hostile’. The approach taken by the courts is as follows: Where it is in the best… Read more »

Child contact: Compliance with orders is mandatory

It is an absolute fact that in the majority of cases, children benefit from a close relationship with both parents. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons that is not always easily arranged between separating parents where one can refuse to allow contact to take place. Applications to court for orders for contact (previously known as… Read more »