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DIY divorce?

You may be aware that legal aid for almost all family cases will cease to be available from April 2013, meaning that people will now either have to instruct a solicitor and pay privately – or take the DIY approach. “Litigants in person” as they are called, face representing themselves in complex cases where they… Read more »

Fancy the Maldives for Christmas?

Have you ever longed for the beach at Christmas as an escape from the cold of England? I’m sure that most of us have. Before you go, however, remember to ensure that you have satisfied all outstanding obligations at home (or at least covered your tracks!) In a recent case, a court has declined an… Read more »

How is inherited wealth distributed in a divorce?

When asked to advise clients going through divorce proceedings in relation to financial settlements, the question of how the courts will approach inherited wealth is one that is often asked. The answer is ‘it depends’ – which on the face of it, isn’t a very helpful answer. The difficulty lies in the fact that the… Read more »

Freedom for the over ’60s

Last year Bertie and Jessie Woods from Hertfordshire set a world record after ending their 36 year marriage, both aged 98 and recently Al Gore and his wife announced their divorce only weeks after celebrating their 40 wedding anniversary. It may be a surprise to some that divorce amongst the over sixties is on the… Read more »

Divorce – Waiting for a brighter day?

Quite often, for many people whose marriage has broken down, there is a tendancy to delay formally sorting out the finances even though they may have physically separated. This can be for a variety of reasons such as uncertainty as to the value of the house, job security, lack of affordable mortgages or not being… Read more »