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What Is The New Children Arbitration Scheme?

The Children Arbitration Scheme has now been launched. This scheme provides couples who want to resolve disputes over their children without going to court, with the opportunity to have their matter dealt with by an arbitrator. The new Children Arbitration Scheme offers a flexible alternative to the court proceedings which often results in a quicker and cheaper… Read more »

Your Guide To A Special Guardianship Order

A Special Guardianship Order is an order made by the court which appoints one or more individuals to act as a child’s ‘special guardian’. It is common for this type of order to be made in favour of a grandparent or other extended family members who step in to care for a child who may… Read more »

Return to fair without notice family law injunctions

It has previously been the practice of many family courts to grant injunctions without notice to the respondent for a lengthy or in some cases unlimited period of time. Recently the fairness of this has been questioned, and the President of the Family Division Sir James Munby PFD issued a Practice Direction in the Family… Read more »

Lawyer – Supported Mediation: affordable, legal advice for families

Following the introduction of the Family Court on 22 April 2014 mediation is compulsory for many more married and unmarried couples dealing with separation. The withdrawal of legal aid has left many unable to afford access to legal advice at a time when they need it most. Lawyer–Supported Mediation launched in the Manchester and Stockport… Read more »

The new Family Court to simplify and speed up proceedings

The new Family Court comes into force today (22, April 2014) in England and Wales as part of a major shake-up for the family justice system. A single Family Court will replace three separate tiers of courts that currently deal with family proceedings. The changes This means that couples will have a single gateway into… Read more »