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A Roadmap out of Lockdown … and Relationships?

The Government has now revealed the roadmap out of lockdown for the UK and getting the country back to work. For many months to come, life will not be as it was prior to the outbreak and the same principle applies for many spouses. We have read articles in the media about how the Coronavirus… Read more »

Strategic ways for funding a divorce or a financial settlement

Many people feel trapped in an unhappy marriage unable to move on as they simply don’t know their options for funding a divorce, believe they cannot afford to pay for a divorce or fund the cost of obtaining a financial settlement. The aim of this article is to offer practical advice explaining both traditional and… Read more »

Where To Start With Separation?

When clients first come to me for advice about their separation, whether they are in a marriage, a situation where they have been cohabiting or maybe where they have never lived together but are parents, they are not always at the same emotional and financial stage of the separation process. Some clients have only just… Read more »

Pension for life? Not necessarily if you remarry or cohabit

In the unfortunate event of your spouse’s death, you may assume that the widow or widower’s pension which you receive will continue indefinitely. This is not necessarily the case. Widows of armed forces personnel have discovered, to their cost, that if they re-marry or cohabit they may lose the pension completely. This applies where the… Read more »

My pension is all mine – or is it?

In a recent survey of divorced women it was found that only 15% had pensions discussed as part of their overall financial settlement. Pensions are an important asset and one which must not be overlooked in divorce cases. More often than not, the husband has the larger pension pot and this was the case in… Read more »

How is inherited wealth distributed in a divorce?

When asked to advise clients going through divorce proceedings in relation to financial settlements, the question of how the courts will approach inherited wealth is one that is often asked. The answer is ‘it depends’ – which on the face of it, isn’t a very helpful answer. The difficulty lies in the fact that the… Read more »

Be wary of concealing assets in financial proceedings

A recent Judgment has seen a Consent Order set aside on the basis that an ex husband did not disclose all of his assets at the time of the original financial proceedings. The husband and wife had been married for 20 years before separating in 2000. Under the terms of the original Consent Order, the… Read more »

Divorce – Waiting for a brighter day?

Quite often, for many people whose marriage has broken down, there is a tendancy to delay formally sorting out the finances even though they may have physically separated. This can be for a variety of reasons such as uncertainty as to the value of the house, job security, lack of affordable mortgages or not being… Read more »