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Gifting tips for parents to reduce your inheritance tax bill

If you are concerned about the inheritance tax your family will have to pay and how much may go to the taxman, this article summarises various ways to reduce your inheritance tax bill when you are living. If you are a single person and your estate is worth over £325,000 or if you are married… Read more »

Shared parental leave – soon to be a family affair?

As employers (and employment lawyers) continue to grapple with the intricacies of the shared parental leave legislation, the Chancellor yesterday announced plans to extend the shared parental leave scheme to working grandparents. Under the new rules, both parents and grandparents will potentially be able to divide the statutory shared parental leave pay between them. This… Read more »

Better Rights for Grandparents?

Under new proposals by the Government, Grandparents could win new legal rights to see their grandchildren. When the parents separate, they will be expected to consider the role of the grandparents – on both sides – and to try to ensure that they have a continuing role in the lives of the children. It is… Read more »