Article Tag: Insolvency act 1986

What’s in a name? Restrictions on the re-use of a company name

When a company (“Oldco”) enters an insolvency process, the former directors of that company will often be best placed to make an offer to purchase from the insolvency practitioner, the business and assets of the company. In order to maintain the goodwill associated with Oldco the directors will often choose to trade the new company… Read more »

Transfer of property on death: it may not pass to your co-owner!

There are two ways of owning property and land in the UK for co-owners. Both use words that are commonly connected with landlords and tenants but that is misleading as it suggests such a relationship when none exists. The two ways are: Tenants in Common (TIC) Forgetting the landlord and tenant issue, one way of… Read more »