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The Law Behind Car Parking – Leases and Rights for Landlords

It is often the case that when renting a property, the landlord will provide or allocate a car parking space to the tenant. The standard provisions in a car parking lease are often a source of dispute between landlords and tenants over whether parking spaces are permanently allocated, or whether they are capable of being… Read more »

Selling Leasehold Property: Points to Consider

When selling leasehold property, you should be aware of additional costs imposed by your managing agent or freeholder. Here are some important factors to be mindful of: Your lease: This document will contain all provisions that you should abide by and will confirm what additional fees could be charged. Examples of fees include: Contingency Fees… Read more »

Read carefully before signing on the dotted line

A recent Supreme Court case demonstrates that a party cannot rely on the courts to step in and rescue it from the detrimental consequences of a clear written clause in a lease of a holiday home. In the case of Arnold v Britton and others (2015) the Supreme Court upheld the clause in a lease… Read more »

Lease break clauses examined

Whether a landlord or tenant, does your lease include a break clause entitling the tenant to terminate the lease early? If so, take care that the arrangements for giving up the premises operate in accordance with the wording of the lease. In Ibrend Estates BV v NYK Logistics (UK) Ltd, the Court of Appeal decided… Read more »