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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce – religion and children

With news this week that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are to divorce, press coverage has begun to focus on the impact that Tom Cruise’s highly publicised membership of the Church of Scientology will have in any future disagreements between them over the upbringing of their six year old daughter. When any couple separate, there… Read more »

Child Disputes and Religion

When a marriage or relationship breaks down there are often a number of areas of disagreement between parents over the ways to care for the children. The most common of these relate to where the children should live and how much time they should spend with the other parent. Other issues, which can cause just… Read more »

Religious tradition no defence against maintenance payments

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a Muslim doctor who ignored an order to pay his former wife maintenance could not rely on Muslim tradition to free him of his financial responsibilities. The doctor claimed that maintenance payments were not appropriate on the basis of Islamic culture. In Muslim societies there is often an… Read more »