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Lesbian same sex parenting – will we both be legal parents?

Zoe Worthington offers her commentary on the legalities of lesbian same sex parenting and the question of legal parents. There is a fundamental difference between ‘a legal parent’ and having ‘parental responsibility’.  is therefore important that you and your partner are aware of these concepts prior to conceiving, as the method in which you conceive… Read more »

Civil partnership or marriage for same sex couples?

Civil partnership or marriage? Our family team considers the legal differences. Same sex couples have been able to enter civil partnerships since 2005 and marriages since 2014. With the Methodist church voting this year that same sex marriages are to be welcomed, this now allows same sex couples to marry in the Scottish Episcopal Church,… Read more »

Same Sex Divorces: What Is the Process?

same sex divorces between two females

The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that same sex female couples are more than twice as likely to divorce than same sex male couples. There is no clear explanation as to why this is the case but some commentators such as Natalie Drew, founder of Britain’s first fertility clinic, expressed her views to a… Read more »