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Social Media In Schools: How Are Teachers Affected?

Social media has now become part of everyday life with numerous apps and websites available for people of all ages to connect and interact. Since its inception social media has presented both opportunities but equally many challenges and in this regard the effects it has on schools has been no different. Not everything on social… Read more »

A Teacher’s Responsibilities v Childcare Requirements: Who Wins?

This issue of balancing childcare requirements with a teacher’s responsibilities seems to crop up more and more these days in schools, colleges and academies across the country. The recent case of Bradley v London School of English & Foreign Languages has highlighted the questions of what policies should be in place? Can these be challenged… Read more »

British Schools At Breaking Point Due To Funding Issues

Redundancies, disputes and long-term sickness are amongst the list of worries affecting the mental health and wellbeing of school leaders and teaching staff in the Education sector across the UK, amid the funding crisis. According to a survey* of 500 school staff, which was commissioned by leading Cheshire law firm SAS Daniels, British schools are… Read more »

September Pay Award For Teachers

The September pay award for teachers and the 2017’s Schools Teachers Pay & Conditions document have now been published. The pay award follows the standard format that we’ve seen in recent years in that increases to the scales at minimum and maximum points of all pay ranges have been given. How that increase is distributed… Read more »

Apprenticeship Reforms: What’s Next For Schools?

It’s no secret that the government has been working with employers to further increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England. The current apprenticeship reforms are designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are required for the workforce of the future. They also aim to give the employer more control over… Read more »

SATs Results: The 2016 National Picture

This year there has been a lot of talk, within the education sector, about SATs having changed for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way. This has been reflected in this year’s SATs results. The teachers’ unions have argued that there is a need to take the tests out of the hands of government ministers. But… Read more »

Handling the Capability Procedure and Performance Issues in Schools

School governing bodies are required by law to have procedures in place to deal with a lack of capability in members of staff. If a teacher falls below the level of competence expected, the capability procedure will ensure they are dealt with in a fair, efficient way, in accordance with good employment practice. Poor performance… Read more »

Education 360 service to help schools manage HR and employment needs

SAS Daniels LLP, one of the North West’s leading law firms, has launched Education 360 – a legal and HR employment advisory and administration service to help schools in Cheshire manage staff more effectively. The service is available to all types of schools and can support all of their HR needs in five key areas…. Read more »