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Keeping divorce amicable – can you?

In the same month that Gary Lineker and his wife announced their divorce whilst remaining amicable and the greatest of friends, I was pleased to hear that a ‘No Fault Divorce Bill’, proposed by MP Richard Bacon, was due to receive its second reading in Parliament. Divorce – What is the current law? Current law,… Read more »

Return to fair without notice family law injunctions

It has previously been the practice of many family courts to grant injunctions without notice to the respondent for a lengthy or in some cases unlimited period of time. Recently the fairness of this has been questioned, and the President of the Family Division Sir James Munby PFD issued a Practice Direction in the Family… Read more »

Italian divorce case scams in the High Court

Sir James Munby, president of the family division, was in the High Court yesterday and asked to annul 180 ‘quick divorces’ that had been granted to couples from Italy, after it became apparent that the couples had bogusly assumed British residence to take advantage of the UK divorce system. The intention was to circumvent the lengthy and… Read more »