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Divorce: How To Protect Your Inheritance

Protect your inheritance

During divorce proceedings, the court will divide marital assets, such as property acquired during the marriage, equally between both parties to reach a financial settlement. However, should the marital assets not be sufficient for the needs of both parties, the court may consider non-marital assets such as inheritance. So, what do you need to know… Read more »

Consent Order: When Is an Agreement an Agreement?

When spouses choose to separate, they are able to agree the terms of a financial settlement between themselves, through a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution or through solicitors. Any such agreement can take a variety of forms such as a verbal agreement, informally in correspondence or formally through solicitors. Usually, if using solicitors, the parties… Read more »

Divorce – avoiding your spouse’s claims?

If you are tempted to try to avoid claims by your spouse in divorce proceedings, think again. Occasionally, within divorce proceedings, one party tries to avoid these claims by transferring assets to another party or family member, such as monies in bank accounts, shares and even property. The court has always had the power to… Read more »