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If I Do Not Make a Will, Does My Partner Inherit My Estate?

It is a common misconception that if you are an unmarried couple, then your partner will automatically inherit your estate when you die. If you do not leave a Will, the Government’s intestacy rules apply and your partner is not entitled to anything under these rules. What are the estate inheritance rights for unmarried couples… Read more »

Transfer of property on death: it may not pass to your co-owner!

There are two ways of owning property and land in the UK for co-owners. Both use words that are commonly connected with landlords and tenants but that is misleading as it suggests such a relationship when none exists. The two ways are: Tenants in Common (TIC) Forgetting the landlord and tenant issue, one way of… Read more »

A conversation for co-habitees when everything is rosy

Quite often we see clients who choose to live together rather than getting married. The number of couples who are living together has doubled since 1996 and is now approximately 5.9 million, representing a significant 11.7% of the population. In some cases people choose to have a religious ceremony but not a legal ceremony. In… Read more »