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Does Your Small Print Contain Unfair Contract Terms?

Most businesses have standard terms and conditions prepared, which they subsequently attempt to incorporate into every commercial contract entered. In a business-to-business contract where one party has contracted on the other’s standard terms and conditions, the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (‘the Act’) limits how civil liability for breach of contract, negligence, or other breach… Read more »

A Guide to Changing Terms of Employment

It is highly likely that an employee’s terms and conditions will need to be amended at some point during the course of their employment. The obvious changes could be in relation to a promotion or salary increase. These are likely to be mutual changes that both parties are in agreement with and will therefore be… Read more »

Covid-19 – Can Force Majeure in a Contract be Called Upon?

“Force Majeure” is a clause written into many contracts, which allows a supplier or customer to suspend its obligations under some circumstances. The Covid-19 virus has wide reaching ramifications for businesses, especially SMEs. Many companies are either implementing or hastily developing plans for employees to work from home or shut down for a period now that the disease… Read more »

Doing Business Online

The online marketplace has exploded in the past decade with many businesses taking the view that an online selling platform for their goods and services is preferable. Online trading has helped many businesses find new markets, sell new products and in some cases compete with larger businesses. However, online sales can cause problems. I always… Read more »

Do your business’s Terms & Conditions protect your position as a director?

Following the introduction of the Companies Act 2006, directors have specific duties which they must comply with in connection with the day to day running of their businesses. Breaching these duties could potentially leave a director personally liable to the company, its shareholders and possibly facing dismissal. It is therefore crucial that directors recognise where… Read more »

Do retention of title clauses work in recovering your goods?

Retention of title clauses are a very powerful tool if used in the appropriate circumstances. Many terms and conditions contain them, however the big question is ‘are they actually useful?’ If you are selling goods in the course of your business you should make sure that there is a retention of title clause in your… Read more »

Do I need terms & conditions?

If you are in business and contracting with others, you need to make sure that you are protected. Your terms and conditions are the cornerstone of your business and we would caution in the strongest possible terms against copying from a website of a competitor, or ‘cobbling together’ from a selection of others that you… Read more »