Debt Recovery Services

At SAS Daniels LLP we understand the impact that unpaid invoices have on the growth and profitability of a business. Chasing late payments can also take up valuable employee and director time that could be better spent elsewhere in the business. We offer a fixed price debt recovery service, SAS Collect, which helps recover your business’ debts and allows you to focus on what matters most; running your business.

What is the process of debt recovery?

The first step in the process is to undertake initial, non-cost bearing, searches to identify any obvious issues with recovery. Following this our debt recovery experts will issue a Letter of Claim that complies with the Practice Direction – Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols and the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims as appropriate. This letter will include a claim for all recoverable interest and late payment compensation. By ensuring this letter complies with the pre-action requirements, you can have confidence that it can be relied upon if the matter progresses to court proceedings. Many debt collection providers send multiple letters, none of which are compliant, and as a result can’t be relied upon in court, leaving you with unexpected problems.

If the Letter of Claim and other initial steps do not result in payment there are next step options available to you, such as the commencement of County Court proceedings or service of a Statutory Demand. At this point we will explain to you the pros and cons of each option and advise you on recommendations for the next steps.

If a debt becomes disputed at any stage our Dispute Resolution team are on hand to provide advice as to the options available to you, and the costs and timescales involved.

How can SAS Daniels help you recover debts?

Our debt recovery experts have a wealth of experience in taking swift and cost effective action to recover debts on behalf of businesses, individuals, schools and other educational establishments.

We provide a fixed fee service, with full transparency of our fees, which is efficient and of the highest quality. The work undertaken by our team is also overseen by qualified and experienced solicitors.

When it comes to enforcing court judgements, our debt recovery experts are adept at enforcing County Court judgments obtained through any of the available enforcement methods. We understand the problems facing your business and will explain the pros and cons of each method, all of which fall within our fixed fee agreements.

We can also provide bespoke training to your business, both formal and informal, in relation to your internal credit control procedures. As part of this, we would review the business’ contractual documents and methods in order to provide tailored advice as to the improvements that could be implemented to help your business move forward and avoid future debts.

How much will the debt recovery process cost?

At SAS Daniels we provide our debt recovery service on a fixed fee basis to give you the peace of mind that your money is being recovered without unexpected solicitor costs at the end of the process.

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