Managing Redundancy

Organisations have to constantly adapt to survive and to provide streamlined, lean services where possible. This coupled with continuous technological advances means that redundancies and restructuring exercises continue to be a common necessity for many organisations, both large and small.

The law in this area allows for a great deal of common sense. Employers have a great deal of flexibility to deal with redundancy and restructuring processes in a way that suit their business and their employee’s needs. Apart from where employers are looking to make 20 employees or more redundant, employers can set their own timetable for this process, provided this is done fairly and in accordance with some key requirements:

  • Give as much warning as possible of impending redundancies;
  • Establish selection criteria in consultation with employees/their representatives;
  • Ensure that selection is made fairly and objectively in accordance with those criteria;
  • Consider the availability of suitable alternative employment.

Our team are specialists in advising a broad range of organisations through restructuring exercises. Specifically we have experience advising schools, engineering companies, care homes, hospitals and manufacturers.

As well as advising you how to conduct the process properly, we can also provide you with on-site support during the consultation process and will provide you with the following documentation:

  • Invite to consultation meetings;
  • Selection criteria;
  • Outcomes to selection;
  • Outcome to appeal hearing.

If you would like advice about managing redundancy and restructuring exercises, please call our specialist team.