Cosmetic Surgery Negligence & Claims

We have successfully claimed compensation for many clients who contacted us after being injured due to cosmetic surgery. You or a relative may have suffered an avoidable physical or psychological injury due to the negligence of a cosmetic surgeon or nurse and need some legal support.

We deal with a wide range of cosmetic injury claims including:

  • Failure to obtain informed consent;
  • Breast enlargement;
  • Breast reduction;
  • Facelifts;
  • Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty);
  • Brow lifts;
  • Laser eye surgery;
  • Cosmetic dentistry;
  • ‘Tummy tucks’ or gastric band surgery;
  • Other complications of surgery, such as damage to nerves, arteries and organs.

Sometimes doctors and nurses make mistakes whilst patients are recovering from cosmetic/plastic surgery. Common errors include failing to notice that a patient is developing an infection. Some cosmetic surgeons in the UK may not have had specialist cosmetic surgery training.

Many cosmetic surgeons operate on different parts of the body, which would normally be the specialist areas of other types of doctor. This means that some cosmetic surgeons may be operating as a ‘jack of all trades’ but ‘master of none’.

Our team are memebers of Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation that they are entitled to, for their pain, suffering and ongoing care or treatment. 

We have an excellent track record for settling cosmetic surgery claims and our specialist team have years of experience in dealing with situations and ensuring a positive outcome for victims and their families.

To get started, we usually collate all of the appropriate evidence including your medical records and proof of inadequate care. We also consult respected medical experts, which will help us to calculate an appropriate level of compensation for you. We are also upfront with our costs, so there will be no surprises along the way.

If you believe you might have grounds for a claim, please talk to our team today for initial advice.