Defending A Personal Injury Claim

Defending a personal injury claim can be a challenging time. Our specialist Personal Injury team have extensive experience in acting for those who are self-insured, businesses with large insurance excesses, uninsured businesses and individuals. We can also help when tracing insurers in relation to contribution claims.

Our team does not underestimate the effect that a claim can have on a landlord, property owner or small business. We are fully aware not only of the financial impact but also the detrimental effect on reputation, morale and the risk of further personal injury claims.

How can we help you when defending a personal injury claim?

We specialise in defending businesses and individuals against claims brought by employees, tenants or members of the public who are trying to claim for compensation regarding a personal injury. If you instruct us as soon as you are aware of a potential claim, we can avoid unnecessary court proceedings being brought against you. As a result of an early settlement and the claim not proceeding to court we can ensure your reputation and the reputation of your business is not affected.

If a claim against you or your business does go to court, our specialist team can act quickly to draft urgent defences or comply with court orders. We can also identify weaknesses in the claim and provide tactical advice in order to reduce your liability and build your defence.

We understand that funding the defence of a personal injury claim can be difficult, so will provide you with a variety of options. We will also compare the cost of making a low offer to settle the claim against the cost of a full defence.

To help you move forwards, our team can identify any risk of further claims and set up safeguards to protect against these. By helping you not only defend a personal injury claim but also prevent further claims you get the peace of mind that there is a specialist team supporting you, leaving you to concentrate on what matters most; running your business.

Our recent examples of successful defences of a personal injury claim:

  • Claims for personal injury due to road traffic accidents;
  • Noise induced hearing loss cases dating back to the 1960s and 1970s;
  • Tenants claiming respiratory problems due to alleged damp in a landlord’s property;
  • Slipping and tripping accidents in shopping centres, nightclubs, public houses, residential accommodation and car showrooms;
  • Disputing pre-action disclosure applications for discovery of documents;
  • Non-fault accidents at children’s parties.

Given that we are a respected and ethical team, we are aware that some firms of solicitors encourage spurious personal injury claims, causing stress to those in receipt of these claims. We can act quickly to ensure that dubious claims are withdrawn or closed.

Our specialist team has many years of experience in defending claims and can advise you, no matter how complex the case might be.

If you would like to find about more about defending a personal injury claim, please contact a member of our Personal Injury team.