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Meet the Team : Nicola Moulds

Nicola Moulds

I am an Associate in the Dispute Resolution team and during my time in the team, I have conducted commercial litigation in the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. I have acted for and against a broad range of organisations and individuals in all aspects of commercial dispute resolution and in a range of chancery working including; contractual disputes, agency disputes, sale and supply of goods and services, negligence and nuisance claims.

I am principally responsible for assisting a major high street bank in defending employment claims issued in the County Court and have experience in and am regularly instructed to bring and defend claims for breach of restrictive convenants in the employment context. In addition, I have developed a broad insolvency practice.

Joined SAS Daniels: 2008

What people say about me:

"Nicola was very helpful, open and honest. She broke down all the legal jargon for me and explained in detail what each item meant. Any contact I needed to make with Nicola was easy. If I emailed her she got back to me as soon as she was able to. My view of Nicola as a solicitor is amazing, confident, kind, patient and funny.

From my personal experience with Nicola, I would recommend anyone who is shy of legal terminology, speak to Nicola she is definitely the best!" (Barbara McKenzie, Reproductive Health Group Limited)

Why I'm no ordinary professional:

I apply myself to every piece of work with rigorous attention to detail. In my view, this is an essential attribute in a successful litigator. In addition to my legal knowledge and skills, I am able to engage with people in an approachable and professional manner. Building business relationships requires two essential things, the technical skills necessary to do the work and ability to inspire confidence in one’s clients and potential clients. I am a modest individual, but I think I possess both.

Get in touch

Phone: 0161 475 1207

Qualified: 2010

A bit about me

What's your claim to fame?

Whilst visiting Paris in 2007, my partner thought I had been kidnapped when I disappeared for 30 minutes in a restaurant. Much to my amusement, on my way to the powder room I had been stopped by a Parisian who believed me to be a celebrity. The situation grew slightly bizarre when paparazzi and members of the public began taking pictures of us around Paris. Whilst I never quite discovered who they thought I was, nor did I wish to ask at risk of losing my celebrity credentials, this sadly remains one of my most memorable claims to fame.

What animal are you most like and why?

The elephant. Elephants are good communicators. They’re skilled at both hearing and actually listening to other people. They are patient enough to take the time to comprehend the details within the message.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I can wrap my legs around the back of my neck and walk on my knees. It’s a bizarre talent, and not so hidden as I tend to do it at most parties after a tipple.