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Lost Title Deeds

If you have lost the title deeds to your property or land and it’s not registered with the Land Registry, there could be knock on effects when looking to sell or if another party is trying to claim possession. Our team of Residential Property Solicitors can advise you on replacing lost title deeds and how to claim possession.

Can lost title deeds be replaced?

If you have lost title deeds but the property or land is registered with the Land Registry, then no title deeds are actually required as the Land Registry hold an electronic register which proves who owns each piece of land and property. You can carry out a quick search using the Land Registry’s website to see if the property is registered.

If the property is not registered and you believe you own a particular piece of land or property, then it is possible to apply for ‘possessory title’ in order to claim the land. Possessory title is the lowest class of title that can be granted by the Land Registry and once given states that you are in possession of the land. After a certain period of time, you can also make a further application to upgrade the title to an ‘absolute title’.

How can SAS Daniels help?

If you are unable to provide documentary evidence of ownership for a property or piece of land, our Residential Property Solicitors can assist you in the application process for replacing lost title deeds and gaining a possessory title.

Our team have a wealth of experience in dealing with the Land Registry and can ensure that your application contains the correct details in order to avoid any delays in the process.

Once possessory title is granted, we can also advise you on upgrading the title to an absolute title and the benefits this would provide you with as a property or land owner.

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