Professional Negligence

Have you received professional services or advice from a professional which you believe was flawed?

  • Were you advised to accept a settlement that was too low?
  • Were you given incorrect information/advice that led you to lose money?

Then you may have a professional negligence claim, and/or possibly other claims including a claim for breach of contract.

We have the specialist knowledge, expertise and experience to help you determine if you have a claim and to potentially recover substantial losses.

Our friendly and approachable team has a leading track record in assisting claimants in recovering substantial awards against professionals including financial advisors, surveyors, lawyers and other professionals.

The types of professionals we have successfully conducted litigation for and against include:

  • Accountants;
  • Insurance brokers;
  • Financial advisors;
  • Pensions schemes trustees;
  • Surveyors;
  • Solicitors and barristers.

Why choose SAS Daniels?

We are experts in the fields in which we practice.

We will discuss and agree an appropriate strategy in respect of you action or potential action from the outset.

We will provide you with clear advice and guidance regarding the likely costs and litigation funding options available to you, including fixed fees for agreed pieces of work.

Examples of our recent work:

  • Defence of a claim for misrepresentation arising from a share purchase agreement on behalf of the executors of an estate;
  • Litigating of a complex claim for professional negligence against a client’s former solicitors arising out of their conduct of a probate action;
  • Resolution of a professional negligence claim relating to an incident over 15 years prior, involving two other firms of solicitors, a barrister and the Court of Appeal;
  • Successful defence of a class action litigation against a firm of financial advisors accused of failing to manage their client’s financial portfolio;
  • Claims on behalf of individuals and business against surveyors for carrying out negligent property valuations and surveys.

What initial steps should I take before contacting you?

  • Often, a professional will have entered into a written contract with you. This will govern the basis of their professional liability in contract, usually detailing a number of the professional duties owed to you. In order to be in a position to advise you fully, we must advise on the contents of any written agreement;
  • Even if there was no written agreement, you can still claim, but you will need to outline the relevant events and dates for us. It will save you time and money if you do this in writing before instructing us;
  • You should ask for a copy of the professional’s full file of papers in relation to the job they did for you, including all records, reports, memorandums, correspondence and, of course, any written advice or documents they provided to you;
  • Gather and place into chronological order any and all relevant documents concerning the nature of the claim.

If you would advice on professional negligence claims, please speak to a member of our specalist team today.