Construction and Engineering

We provide pragmatic advice and solutions to the construction & engineering industries, delivered in a straight-forward way by a specialist Construction & Engineering team. We work with a highly diverse client base from many different sectors within these industries and with many users of the construction & engineering industries.

The practical and in-depth understanding that we have enables us to offer advice and find solutions tailored to your needs. We provide specialist legal advice from highly experienced construction & engineering solicitors from the early stages of a project to completion and post-completion. If issues arise, we will work with you so that good relationships are maintained and issues do not develop into a dispute.

We work with clients during pre-procurement; contract procurement and tendering; contract preparation, drafting and negotiating; early intervention in live projects to assist clients to stay in control of the issues that arise on projects to resolve issues themselves, without making it a legal issue (avoiding direct legal contact with your project partners); workshops on live projects with client project teams and, should it be needed, dispute resolution by many methods, such as mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation with the assistance of our experienced specialist construction and engineering dispute lawyers.

If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, please contact our Consultant Solicitor, Howard Cornes, on 07971277752 or email [email protected].