Commercial Risk Assessment for Construction Contracts

At SAS Daniels we offer construction professionals a fixed price, commercial risk assessment package for your construction contracts and warranties; called SAS Construction Protect.

Our specialist team provides practical advice which is focused on the commercial business needs of professionals in the Construction and Civil Engineering industries. We leave you with the peace of mind and reassurance that your contract doesn’t just protect you, but limits the amount of risk and liability you take on.

What is included in a commercial risk assessment package?

Through our SAS Construction Protect package, our experienced team will assess your contracts and warranties from employers or your contractor clients. Providing you with highly practical, robust advice which is tailored to your individual business’ needs. This covers:

  • Identifying any business risks within the drafted contract or warranty, giving you the opportunity to adjust the contract to protect your business and manage any risks that remain.
  • Advising on the risks beyond what your Professional Indemnity Insurers tell you about. Meaning the advice is tailored to your commercial needs and you can ensure that your business is fully protected against any additional risks or liability that you do not want to accept.

How can SAS Construction Protect benefit your business?

Choose a service which works for you:

Commercial risk assessment for construction contracts

If you choose our fixed number of contracts service (option 2), this provides your business with:

  • An administration and fuss free method of instructing us. We won’t price each individual contract, but simply review it by your required deadline.
  • A simplified and straightforward format for reporting on your contract. This includes ‘in line’ tracking of our suggested wording changes and where helpful, ‘in-line’ comments to pass directly on to your client, saving you time.
  • Hassle free billing and payment methods. We give you the flexibility to choose whether to pay annually, quarterly or monthly and we will provide you with regular updates of any work carried out.

How can SAS Daniels help you?

Our team’s specialist support comes from solicitors with over 28 years’ experience in the Construction and Civil Engineering industries. We provide you with complete peace of mind from the risks of problems that can arise from your contracts.

All businesses are different and we take the time to get to know you and your business, to build a long term relationship you can rely on. Many of our clients comment that they see us not just as solicitors but as an extension of their existing team.

If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, please contact our Consultant Solicitor, Howard Cornes, on 07971277752 or email [email protected].

*Fair usage applies to this service. We will agree a maximum number of contracts from the start, however, this does not limit the legal advice provided. We will review additional contracts at no extra cost up to 10% above the agreed numbers.