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Hiring apprentices: get it right from the start

Today marks the start of National Apprentice Week (NAW) – a week designed to celebrate apprenticeships and to encourage more small businesses to take on apprentices. The government has declared that there are now over 1500 different apprenticeships on offer in more than 170 industries and £1.5bn was invested in apprenticeships by the government in… Read more »

Shared Parental Leave: further addition to family-friendly rights

A future Labour government would double the amount of paid paternity leave available to new fathers from two to four weeks, Ed Miliband has announced. The Labour leader has also pledged to increase statutory paternity pay by more than £120 a week to £260 a week. But what are new fathers currently entitled to? And… Read more »

Don’t be left in the cold

With the snow falling thick and fast across some parts of the county we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries with regards to whether or not employers are obliged to pay their employees who are unable to make it into work. One of the basic principles of an employment relationship is that an employer… Read more »

Commission payments whilst on annual leave

Recently, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) handed down its decision in Lock v British Gas, holding that commission payments fall within the concept of normal pay and should therefore be taken into account when calculating the holiday pay to which a worker is entitled. Background to calculating pay The EU Working… Read more »