Corporate and Business Law Solicitors

Our main focus is on companies who wish to work on a more personal and intensive basis with advisers who are not only experienced corporate law solicitors, but have business acumen developed through undertaking corporate work over many years. We provide a partner led service and are one of the largest teams of corporate solicitors operating outside the main regional city centres.

Our team of business and corporate law specialists can be relied upon to work closely with the owners of your business and the management team to deliver successful outcomes for your corporate transactions and projects. The key to producing successful results for you is to have a detailed understanding of your business and the commercial objectives to be achieved through the transaction. Our experienced corporate solicitors can then align their legal knowledge to meeting your commercial objectives.

When undertaking legal work on your behalf, our team not only provide legal advice but also commercial advice which can assist in the day to day operation of your business and your long term strategy. These attributes are recognised externally as several of our solicitors are non-executive directors of our clients’ companies and/or represent regional professional organisations. This demonstrates the added value we can give our clients.

Like you, we are a business and we use our own commercial experience in running a business in giving legal advice.

We can assist you in an array of corporate transactions including:

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If you would like advice on any Corporate legal matters, please contact a member of our coporate law team today on 0161 475 7676 or get in touch via our contact form.

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